Monday, March 2, 2009

Close Call

Saturday was a day full of activity. My wife filled in at work for a colleague while each of my three daughters had sports, birthday parties and outings with friends to attend to. Most of my morning consisted of taxiing them around to the various activities. On one of my travels, I happened to drive through downtown Chandler. The traffic was very heavy and soon it became apparent why.
There was a huge car show going on in the town square and it was crawling with thousands of people. How could I have missed this on the community calendar! I raced home to pick up more tracks. The hundred or so I had in the car wouldn’t be nearly enough.

I soon returned finding a perfect (and free) parking space close to all of the activity. I still had over an hour to pick up two of my daughters from the nearby skating rink birthday party; plenty of time. In the next 60 minutes, I handed out about three hundred tracts. I left just in time to pick up my girls from the birthday party and brought them back to the car show. The crowd was thinning, but there was still plenty of opportunities. In all, we handed out over a thousand tracts in just a couple of hours and got to look at some pretty cool cars from old Packards to Mustangs and Corvettes. Check out some of the pics of the event.

One thing I’ve decided to do is find all of the surrounding city web sites to keep aware of community events and add them to my favorites. This was a close call and I don’t want to miss any more good opportunities.


dziendobry said...

Which tracts did you use for this opportunity?

Wayne Dawg said...

I love car shows when we have them here in Canton (every 2 Sat from April till Ocotber).

People are just standing around looking at cars.......Perfect!!

Robert Tewart said...

Thanks for asking!

We used the celebrity million dollar bills and some of the old million dollar bills. Both tracts can be found at

Robert Tewart said...

Wayndawg. Wow. Every second Saturday. That's great!

I found that the best line was "Thanks for coming out" along with the standard "Did you get one of these."