Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Free Drawing: The Science of Evolution

All you have to do to have a chance to win is Click here and simply send me an email. That's it! No name or mailing information is needed unless you are drawn. Anyone is eligible--even if you've already entered in past drawings. *Note: Available to U.S. residents only.

"The Science of Evolution" DVD is produced by the makers of the award-winning Way of the Master television series.

Discover new insights for the theory of evolution

  • Single cell life forms

  • The big bang

  • Asteroids

  • Homologous structures

  • The origins of life

  • Hydrides

  • Meiosis


Nathe said...

hey, Rob,
sign me up for the drawing
-GReg Nathe
Carlos, MN

ExPatMatt said...

Hi there,

Do you think the Way of the Master guys know that;

* The big bang,

* Asteroids and,

* The origins of life

Have nothing to do with evolution?

Strange that they should be included in that list, eh?

Good blog you have here, BTW.



Robert Tewart said...

Thanks for posting Matt. Did you enter the drawing at streetfishingrob@aol.com??

Also, I'm sure Ray Himself would love to hear from you over at his blog. raycomfortfood@blogspot.com

ExPatMatt said...


Do you want to answer my question, rather than just pimping out the competition and and Ray's blog?

I've posted at Atheist Central before and, well, Ray doesn't seem that keen on entering into a meaningful dialogue with his readership.


Robert Tewart said...

Sorry ExPat....I thought your question was more rhetorical.

The answer to your question is that The Big Bang, etc. is taught with the same kind of silly science that evolution is. Though they may have no connection (and I'm not sure that's quite true) the same "scientist" are behind those beliefs.

ExPatMatt said...


Forgive me for asking, but how did you come by this information?

Are you under the impression that cosmology and biology are interchangeable?
("The Big Bang, etc. is taught with the same kind of silly science that evolution is")

You said;

"the same "scientist" are behind those beliefs.

Yes, you seem to be under the impression that physicists and biologists are the same people - I can assure you that they are not!

The Big Bang is a explanation for the data we see when we observe the cosmos. Various predictions about background radiation and other evidences were made and then found, and the math that backs up the explanation is solid.

If you have any evidence (actual, real-world evidence) that contradicts the Big Bang model, I'd love to hear it.

Completely separate is the Theory of Evolution. This is the best explanation for why life is the way it is. It has produced compelling predictive power as a model and it takes account of all the data we have available to us.

Again, the Theory of Evolution is studied and researched by biologists, the Big Bang and other cosmological events are studied by physicists.

Neither of these positions are 'beliefs'. They are well-evidenced explanations for what we see in the universe and on this planet.

Why would anybody want to read a book about evolution when it is clear the author has no understanding of what it is or what it's scope is?

Imagine if I wrote a book called;

Debunking Christianity: How Zeus Never Existed

You'd tell me that Zeus has nothing to do with Christianity (and rightly so). Imagine if I responded by telling you that it was the same 'priests' who were behind both beliefs, so it was all the same.

Would you buy my book? Would you think I was making an honest attempt to talk about Christianity?

I'd hope that you would see that I was merely presenting a straw man of Christianity in order to easily dismantle it. That is exactly what the WotM guys are doing with evolution. They build straw men and then knock them down.

If you disagree, please let me know why.



ExPatMatt said...

I take it you don't disagree then?