Friday, March 13, 2009

Reader Questions About Tracts

The following is an email I answered from a reader and fellow blogger. I thought it would be good to post.

Hey Jonathon,

I'll address each part of your question(s) as best I can. You wrote:

"'re obviously planting seeds, but do you ever have an opportunity to do more than that? Do people stop and engage you?"

The answer is an emphatic "absolutely!" The tracts are great ice breakers. A typical encounter starts like this: "Hi, did you get one of these (handing them a tract). I'm out here today with some friends asking the ultimate question, what happens when you die?" If they answer, your on your way. I might hand out several tracts before someone pauses to look more closely. That's my cue to say something like above.

"Do they respond with deeper questions that allow you to go further than passing out a tract?"

Usually, they answer the questions I ask of them, but then they might pose objections or a "what about ---" type of question. Most questions and objections are fairly typical. You learn pretty fast how to answer the bulk of them pretty confidently.

"Also, I would imagine that many of the tracts you pass out end up in the trash and even on the ground as litter. Do you have concerns about that?"

My answer to that Jonathon, is yes, many do end up on the ground and in the trash. But if I hand out 1,000 tracts and 999 end up in the trash and 1 makes a difference, is it worth it? I am much more concerned with being obedient to God for spreading the gospel by whatever means than I am what people do with it. That may sound strange at first, but if you consider that God is absolutely sovereign, it makes sense.

"Whenever I start a project I immediately think, "Is this the most efficient way to do this?" and "Am I maximizing my time, energy, and resources?" Any thoughts you have on this would be greatly appreciated.."

I wrote a post about this called "Why Use Gospel Tracts". You can see it at at the following link: I also printed this off and put it along side of the tracts I display at church.

Hope all of this helps. Thanks for your questions!


Wayne Dawg said...

I too have handed out thousands of Gospel tracts and have had hundreds of conversations......

I have found that 99% of the people I give a tract to (at least here in the south) thank me!

I have had a few who refused to take a tract, but for the most part people happily take it from me.

And for what its worth...only rarely do coversations go badly...that is to say, most people have a friendly conversation with me about what they believe. Sometimes, every now and then, I will cross paths with a very angry person who depises everything I say or believe. Those can get pretty intense, but I have learned to be patient with them because, after all, they are lost and need a Savior.


Robert Tewart said...

Thanks Dawg! --Okay, Randy Jackson-ism aside, I totally agree with you . One of my main responses to Christian objections to how we share our faith is the RESPONSE we get....which is overwhelmiingly positive.