Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spam Evangelism, Or Love?

The term "Spam Evangelism" has become somewhat popular at the blog of Pastor Jeremy Jernigan where there has been some spirited exchange on the matter. The term originates with Mark Betchtle author of Evangelism For The Rest Of Us. Since my comments there have been rejected for speaking my honest convictions, I have kept up there with the seemingly endless conversation on the matter. I think much of it has to do with the misunderstanding of how those of us who are being faithful to our gospel calling are actually engaging people. Below are two examples of recent encounters I have had with students at Chandler/Gilbert Community College. Clarke "Otter" McNeace and I have made this our twice a month fishing hole for some months now.

The response really has been positive. That is, no tomatoes have been thrown and no complaints to the administration have been made!

The first two conversations are examples of typical one on one evangelism. The third is an example some open air preaching I did last Fourth of July at Arrowhead Lake in Southern California. Notice the difference in tone and dynamics. Keep in mind that the open air is addressing dozens if not hundreds of people without amplification.

Personal note: Yes, I do believe I say "Grospel tract" in audio one and excessively use the word "okay" in the open air. The nerves never completely go away and that's a good thing. It helps to keep us in prayer and out of the flesh as much as possible.

Robert witnesses to Joey at Chandler/Gilbert CC March 2009

Robert witnesses to Micah at Chandler/Gilber CC March 2009

Robert Open Air Preaching at Lake Arrowhead California 4th of July