Saturday, April 18, 2009

Modern Evangelism: Friend Or Foe?

This post comes to us compliments of our friends over at The Word Street Journal. Check them out for encouragement and stories from the street.

What is "modern" evangelism? Is it relevant to our modern culture? Is it something that makes modern people feel good? Is it a drawing card that is used to pack thousands into our modern churches? Is there a more modern and, therefore, more effective way of preaching the ages old gospel?

Or, is modern evangelism a way of presenting the gospel in such a way that it actually numbs and nullifies the truth of it and, therefore, causing it to do more harm than good? Are there ulterior motives behind modern day evangelism?

Would you like to move on from the questions and get some answers? Good! So would I.Via Lane Chaplin's YT Channel, Eric Holmberg, of The Apologetics Group, delivers the answers in this 11 minute segment from a documentary series produced by TAG called "Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism". As Chaplin puts it: "It gives great commentary on the current state of popular 'evangelism' and what real evangelism is."I encourage novice gospel givers to watch, that you may be informed . And I also encourage the more seasoned ones, that you may be reminded.

May the Lord bless your weekend with an opportunity to share the true gospel with someone.