Thursday, April 16, 2009

Public Education—Neutral?

Do you know how to counter the argument that if the Bible was allowed back in public schools, this would be promoting a religion?

Humanists argue that public education is supposed to be neutral. But there’s no such thing as neutrality. Scripture says that you either walk in light or darkness (John 8:12)—you’re either for Christ or against Him. There’s really no in-between.

When humanist threw the Bible out of public schools, they simply replaced it with their own religion—Humanism. Just because public education mainly mentions the God of the Bible only in a negative way doesn’t mean it’s neutral about religion. In fact, the belief being taught to most students today is the God is not real. They can do whatever they want.

Children are being told that fallible humans are the authority, not God. As a result, even Christian children in this system can graduate and come out thinking like humanists—and when they get into positions of authority, they won’t make correct decisions based on God’s word.
But God is real, and we need to build all our thinking on the Bible, starting from Genesis.

HT: Answers Update. A publication of Answers In Genesis (volume 16 Issue 4)