Friday, April 3, 2009

Tim Challies' Review Of The Shack

This is Tim Challies' (pictured left) expanded book review on the William P. Young novel, The Shack. Go to the bottom of the article to download the PDF. It is truly worth your time. I also suggest printing a copy to re-read and mull over.

I really enjoyed this review for a couple of different reasons: First, it is a level and balanced commentary that is devoid of any kind of "Internet sensationalism" that is surrounding the controversy that has been stirred concerning the book's theology and overall message. Challies does an excellent job of conveying truth and concern without knee-jerk rhetoric or overstated ominous warnings. Simply put, it is an intelligent and well thought out review. It's true that his view is one of discernment and concern for the book's message, but it is communicated in a way that is honest.

Secondly, I like this review so much (can you tell) that I am going to forward the PDF file to those I personally know who are being introduced to this book through their church--my former church-- because of my concern for it's content and possible effect on those I care about. I'm confident that it will give them something to really think about.