Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Does It Mean To Me?

I remember asking this question in a bible study years ago. The church we were a part of was all about "community" and really encouraged small group study. With attendance in the thousands, there was no way for the pastoral staff to be there for everyone. The church organized ice-breakers and group organization meetings, but did very little to make sure qualified group leaders where in place. This resulted in the common dilemma of all of us looking around for someone with the "right" answer. At the time, it seemed like the only good answer was one that made sense to me, and not necessarily what the scripture truly meant.

Read this short article from John MacArthur with a good, sound answer to this problem.

What does it mean "to me"?

By John MacArthur

That’s a fashionable concern, judging from the trends in devotional booklets, home Bible study discussions, Sunday-school literature, and most popular preaching.
The question of what Scripture means has taken a back seat to the issue of what it means “to me.”
The difference may seem insignificant at first. Nevertheless, our obsession with the Scripture’s applicability reflects a fundamental weakness. We have adopted practicality as the ultimate judge of the worth of God’s Word. We bury ourselves in passages that overtly relate to daily living, and ignore those that don’t.