Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Efforts To Win Souls

I was excited to find this article because of how important and useful good gospel tracts are. I wouldn't think of leaving home without them.
Right: C.H. Spurgeon age 23

The very first service which my youthful heart rendered to Christ was the placing of tracts in envelopes, and then sending them up, that I might send them, with the hope that by choosing pertinent tracts, applicable to persons I knew, God would bless them. And I well remember taking other tracts, and distributing them in certain districts in the town of Newmarket, going from house to house, and telling, in humble language, the things of the Kingdom of God. I might have done nothing for Christ if I had not been encouraged by finding myself able to do a little.

Then I sought to do something more, and from that something more, and I do not doubt that many of the servants of God have been led on to higher and nobler labors for their Lord, because they began to serve Him in the right spirit and manner. I look upon the giving away of a religious tract as only for Christ; but: were it not for the first step, we: might never reach to the second; but that being attained, we are encouraged to take the next, and so, at the last, God helping us, we may be made extensively useful.

I think I never felt so much earnestness after the souls of my fellow creatures as when I first loved the Savior’s name, and though I could not preach, and never thought I should be able to testify to the multitude, I used to write texts on little scraps of paper, and drop them anywhere, that some poor creatures might pick them up, and receive them as messages of mercy to their souls. I could scarcely content myself even for five minutes without trying to do something for Christ. If I walked along the street, I must have a few tracts with me; If I went into a railway carriage, I must drop a tract out of the window; if I had a moment’s leisure, I must upon my knees or at my Bible; if I were in company, I must turn the subject of conversation to Christ, that I might serve my Master.

It may be that, in the young dawn of my Christian life, I did imprudent things in order to serve the cause of Christ; but I still say, give me back that time again, with all its imprudence and with all its hastiness, if I may but have the same love to my Master, the same overwhelming influence in my spirit, making me obey my Lord’s commands because it was a pleasure to me to do anything to serve my God.

-Charles Spurgeon
From C.H. Spurgeon’s Autobiography, Volume 1 pages 179-81


Paul Latour said...

I love the fact that he not only handed tracts out to people, but that he would also "drop" tracts everywhere he went in hope of someone picking it up and reading it.

A great treasure it would be to find such a tract today in Spurgeons's own handwriting, but greater still the ever unchanging saving gospel message upon it.

Robert Tewart said...

Amen Paul. I think one of my favorite parts is the use of the phrase "poor creatures." :-)