Tuesday, May 12, 2009

John MacArthur and Rob Bell On The TNIV Bible

Should culture tell us what the bible is allowed to say?

The first clip is an audio clip from John MacArthur's sermon entitled "Assorted attacks on the Bible." Clear warning is given to not only those who would adapt the bible to fit culture as well as those who would consider studying from such translations as the Today's New Internationa Version.

This second clip is from what looks like an impromptu commentary from Rob Bell. Bell is an enthusiast on the TNIV and hands them out to everyone that comes to his church.

Now you be the judge.


Way of the Pastor said...

Wow...I am not sure what to do at this point. I can see both sides. I personally have a John MacArther Bible and a TNIV. I preach from both depending on the portion of scripture. So the question here is what is more effective for the Kingdom...translating the closest possible word from the original language (even though this culture may not understand it?) or choose a word that is the closest to what the culture would understand while keeping as close as possible to the true word? I am so going to be posting this for discussion over at my blog as well to see what comes of it? http://wayofthepastor.blogspot.com
This is probablly the first time I fell more towards the side of Rob Bell...I better go lay down??

Way of the Pastor,
Joe Drew

Robert Tewart said...

Joe. You said "...(even though this culture may not understand it?)..."

This is basically the main point of this debate. Those more conservative folks like MacArthur (and me) would argue that God's word is able to cut through any social barriers so long as it is rightly divided.

Those who are true believers will thirst for the word of God and be able to receive it.

Chris Jones said...

Rightly divided is the key as Robert has said. It's the job of the shepherd of a church to do that dividing. If you preach and you're reading scripture - you explain to the congregation what it means.

That's what I want my Pastor to do. How different is that from a high school student learning about algebra... those concepts are initially foreign to the student, but it's the teacher's job to explain it and try their best to ensure the student understands.

That's what the ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are supposed to do... rightly divide the word of truth.


Robert Tewart said...

Good analogy Chris. Thanks for your comments.

Paul Latour said...

It's May 18. How did I miss this?

Anyway...astounding! To Bell and the like, God is not God unless He changes His ways to meet the demands of man's culture where the culture is at today. Then, and only then, is He their God. Astounding!

Robert Tewart said...

Well put, Paul. Thanks for your comments.