Sunday, June 7, 2009

Be Thou My Vision

Thank you to Cameron Buettel over at The Bottom Line for posting this. What a sweet ending to a wonderful Lord's day.

On this day, the Lord's day, stop and meditate on the wonderful Savior Jesus Christ. Who, while we were sinners demonstrated his great love in dying as a penal substitute making reconciliation possible with God. This is a wonderful song worth absorbing, embracing, and applying!


Paul Latour said...

A few days past the Lord's Day but I finally got to listen to this beautiful, beautiful rendition of one of my favorite hymns.

Was that Mark (?), the Christian singer from Ireland? I'm not up on Christian music performers but I want to get some of his work for sure.

Robert Tewart said...

Thanks for commenting, Paul. Not sure who thhe artist is. I just came across in my travels...