Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Potty Driven Life

By Todd Friel

Mainstream evangelicalism is literally in the toilet.

Christ's Family Church of Hastings, Minnesota is now using the bathroom as a way to reach out to lost souls. http://cfc.ccbchurch.com/app/
"Our men's room (decorated in race car motif) gives members a reason to invite people to church. That is what Christ Family Church is all about; reaching those who have become disenchanted with religion but are searching for a relationship with Jesus Christ."

That's right. Toilet evangelism.

Somehow, a zoomy bathroom is supposed to save sinful souls. Even the local newspaper wrote an article titled, "Come for the Bathroom, Stay for the Service." We have moved from John the Baptist proclaiming truth in the wilderness, to using a testosterone designed men's room to lure people to a building. While there is nothing wrong with a nifty water closet, there is plenty wrong with using it to attract people to Jesus. We implore people to come to the Savior, not come for the bathroom. We promote Jesus, not the amenities. Church is for Christians, not curiosity seekers. We win them to the Lord, not by being hip. Evangelism is to be done by church members, not the church bathroom.

How could we sink so low?

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Larryk12309 said...

Speaking as a member of the cleaning team in my church I know that a well maintained CLEAN bathroom can be a good witness, but NOT THE BATHROOM ITSELF!

No no No!