Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 Top Reasons You Know You're An Evangelist

This comes to us compliments of Greg Elsasser of Last Words Radio

You Know You’re An Evangelist …

10. Because every time you take your wife out on a date, you’re secretly scoping out prime open air spots.

9. When you ask for Gospel tracts on your birthday, Christmas, Fathers Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day, and the Martin Luther King Jr holiday.

8. When you buy shirts because they have pockets for tracts.

7. Because you lose friends on Facebook on a daily basis.

6. When a character is dying in a movie, you can’t help but hope they hurry and put their faith in Christ.

5. When you take out a home line of credit and convert the cash into dollar bills.

4. When nobody wants to invite you anywhere, because you’re "that guy" who's always sharing the Gospel with everyone.

3. When you hear a Christian say “God bless you” to someone who sneezes, and you ask them if that’s the extent of their friendship evangelism.

2. When you find yourself starting to preach the Gospel to your Sims family.
*Drum roll please.............

1. When there are so many tracts, charts, and pieces of open air equipment in the back of your car you discover there is no room for the kids.


Paul Latour said...

HILARIOUS! Someone been secretly following you around lately, Robert? :)