Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CD Drawing Winners

Congratulations to Pastor Andrew Rappaport for being drawn for the Heather Henry CD giveaway. Check out his web site at

Greg Nathe was also a winner! Below you can see him with some older guy.....Just kidding, Greg's the adult!

Often times, extra stuff gets thrown in to the mailer....Another reason to enter the drawings.

Thanks Greg for being a regular reader of StreetFishing.

Reader Lisa Brown was also a winner. She didn't send in any pics but she did have some kind words to say. Thanks for the encouragement Lisa. This is what it's all about when it comes to networking with other brothers and sisters in Christ!

Lisa writes:

"Hey Rob,
I just received the goody package. I'm listening to Heather's CD now. Wow, she has an amazing voice! I was completely out of curved illusions - now I have one to get me by until my order arrives. God has someone particular in mind for it or you wouldn't have sent it! Thank you especially for the True & False Conversion CD. I seem to keep receiving them (again from God) so I share them with people at church. I'm going to give this one to our Single's Minister and his wife. "

Thank you all for your participation. Your feedback is always welcome.