Monday, July 13, 2009

The Focus On The Family Trainwreck

by Cameron Buettel

Well I've almost finished the cleanup operation of scraping my jaw up off the floor. James Dobson has stepped down as the CEO of Focus on the Family and handed over the reigns to Jim Daly. Jim Daly's opening speech was nothing short of a shocker. For a ministry that has been at the forefront of the fight against abortion and gay marriage, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would hear the words that Daly uttered:

What we want to see are more families like Barack Obama's.

What is going on here??? Has the man lost his mind, is he just plain stupid, biblically illiterate, does he fear man and not God, or all of the above? But wait - there's more! The Jim Daly train wreck just continued in spectacular pragmatic, compromising, and biblically ignorant fashion:

But we can respect what Obama does well. We can focus more on the positive. And I respect his family.

Yes, let's just overlook the fact that Obama supports murder of the unborn and also those who survive the murderous practice of abortion.

Daly says he is results-oriented, not an ideologue (what's that smell . . . ahh pragmatism).

When those who are right, left and center all say, 'Let's make abortion rare,' let's meet at that starting point. Let's shove off the rhetoric and get together on practical matters.

Yeah right! Like Obama's policies are decreasing the abortion rate - NOT!

I cannot be Dr. Dobson. I'm hoping for a different pair of shoes. He's black and white -- a scientist. That's a good thing. He's provided clarity for the culture. For me, it's more about having a conversation with people.

Sounding very emergent there Jim.

We're in a democracy. How do we express Christian ethos in a way that draws people into the discussion? We are the church. We have to be more understanding and not expect the world to act like the church. We also don't accept the church acting like the world.

Wow! I mean wow! What is going on here. This is a dramatic paradigm shift away from biblical principles towards liberalism. Paul Washer once said to Christians that "you are prophets or you are nothing. It sounds to me like Focus on the Family has just dropped it's prophetic edge and with that becomes about as useful to the Christian community as an ash tray on a motorbike. We can only hope that Jim Daly gets sacked or has a road to Damascus experience and wakes up to himself.

If you are a supporter of this ministry I would encourage you to protest Jim Daly's appointment and withdraw financial support. Maybe support a ministry like Vision Forum or Shepherd's Press. Because I hear the sound of rushing water and I fear it is the sound of a once great ministry being flushed down the toilet!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron Buettel,

I agree with your article and am surprised that James Dobson passed the torch to Jim Daly, based on his comments that you provided. I believe that there is a "Biblical Size Battle" that has commensed and that we will see some "fall and fail" and others rise to the occassion! Keep rising and hold tight to the sword of Truth as we run head long into this spiritual battle! Blessings!

Your Brother in Christ,


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