Friday, July 17, 2009

Joel Osteen, its just the Truth - Paul Washer

Dear Brothers and Sisters,Consider the message of Paul Washer in this video. Listen to what he is saying. Listen to what he is not saying. Listen to the heart in which it is said. Now consider what YOU say and don't say. Consider your heart for what should be said. It is my prayer that God forgives me of my apathy and lack of faithfulness to the truth.

Standing With You and For Christ Alone,


Paul Latour said...

I love how God works through this man. I pray that what God gives him is contagious. Very contagious.

Larryk12309 said...

You can call this "Mean spirited" preaching if you want. It's as "mean spirited" as a drill instructor who gets in the face of his recruits because he doesn't want to see them get their heads blown off in battle.

Thank God I've got a mean pastor like this brother who keeps the heat turned up when needed.