Friday, July 31, 2009

The Power of a Tract

This is an account of an outing with a couple of the customer service reps from Living Waters recently. Another great testimony that tracts are a great resource for sharing your faith.

We just concluded our 11th Academy here in California a couple weeks ago and the June Academy participants are now home hopefully continuing in all that they learned.

The day they left, just to end the weekend with a bang, some of the Academy Lady Mentors and Team Leaders joined up with a team of ten others to pass out tracts and engage in one-to-ones in Hollywood at that Sunday's Gay Pride Parade.

We met up at someone's church for a time prayer before going out, then caravanned to our destination. We parked on the same street, loaded our bags and backpacks with money tracts and a specially designed tracts just for this event.

One of the leaders put a tract together that was on simple pink card stock, with what looked like wedding bells on the front with a text that read: "GOT EQUALITY?"

On the back, it talks about our American constitutional rights and equality... then continues to talk about how we all will equally be judged according to God's holy standard, the Ten Commandments, followed, of course, by the gospel message.

Nothing on the tract said anything about homosexuality, gay marriage, or the like, but those tracts flew out of our hands and in to the hands of both male and female attendees living in homosexual living styles.

Arriving early before the parade started, we began where the parade would later end and made our way toward where the parade would begin. Many of those I handed these tracts to gladly received them, having not yet read the back. And at one point my friend and I ended up breaking off from the rest of our team and hitting up everyone setting up to watch the parade. We covered the entire parade route from where it was to end to where it began and back again.

It was like nothing I have ever experienced! I didn't really stick around long enough to hear what people had to say after they read the tracts, but my friend had a couple of friendly conversations with individuals out there.

When we later met up with one of our fellow evangelists, and the others that were out there with us at the end of the day, his eyes were blood shot, having been in tears over a conversation he had had with a young lady he'd given a tract to.

She had taken the Million Dollar tract and continued on her way, but ended up sometime later coming back to him later (he had been 75 yards down from where he handing her the tract), imploring him to take the tract back. Of course he said that he would not take it back and, "We care for you that's why we give them to you."

She said, "I read the back and you're just here to condemn my homosexuality."

He said, "No ma'am. No where on there does it talk about homosexuality, nor would I speak of it to you."

She told him that he had to take that tract back because she had become very convicted by reading it and explained that she was living in a lesbian life-style.

She said, "I read the back and it talks about lusting and things of that nature."

He said, "Ma'am, that is the moral law of God."

She said, "Sir, I am a Christian. I'm a back-slidden Christian. I'm aware of my homosexuality. I have read this and I am living in a back-slidden state, but I am a Christian."

He went on to say that she needed to heed God's conviction by repenting, trusting, and committing her life to Jesus Christ alone and that God would then deliver her from that lifestyle. He was able to go through the law and the gospel with her, and told her if she was truly born again that there were many lost people around her that she could give the tract to.

She even ended up thanking him for speaking with her that way and turned and walked away with the tract. Usually we try to engage people like this, my friend was just passing out as many tracts as he could at this event and this fish came "swimming" from 75 yards back to him to "jump in to the boat" so-to-speak! THAT'S THE POWER OF A GOSPEL TRACT!

There were estimated to be thousands of attendees there that day and even though there were others passing out all kinds of other flyers, which covered the ground in certain areas of the parade route, I didn't see even one tract on the ground, and my friend and I alone passed out thousands of tracts.

The parade, of course was quite obscene at times, at which points my friend and I had to warn each other not to look at it.

So God alone knows what impact that was made and we trust in Him that His Word will not return void!

May God be glorified!

HT: Living Waters