Friday, August 21, 2009

Mark Driscoll Responds To Phil Johnson. Or Does He?

In his message at the Shepard's conference, Phil Johnson made some pointed biblical admonitions concerning Mark Driscoll and his style of preaching/teaching and use of contextualization.

I'm not sure that Driscoll has adequately responded in this video and I wonder if he should have responded more fully to Phil Johnson' assertions.

That being said, I love Mark Driscoll and think his teaching is solid and that his testimony bares fruit. I'm not always crazy about how he communicates his points, but as they say, I "eat the meat an spit out the bones" where I can.

What do you think?


Mel said...

I like when he said "don't be yet another generation that is defined by what they are against" (paraphrased)
Since I am often tempted to be defined by what I am against, I found this admonition helpful.

Robert Tewart said...

Good point Mel. This caught my attention too. It makes me think of when I might be guilty of this. Thanks for your comments!

Edwin said...

i listening to a lot of Phil Johnson preach and i dont know to much about mark, i dont know all phil questioned on but from marks answers it was not good