Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vietnam: Authorities Raid, Threaten House Churches

Christians note increase in government harassment – some of it violent.

HANOI, Aug. 6 (Compass Direct News) – Local authorities in Vietnam have balked at registering house churches, contributing to a recent uptick in sometimes violent harassment of congregations. Four police officers and two government officials broke up the Sunday morning worship service of a house church in Tran Phu Commune in Hanoi on July 26, announcing that it was illegal to worship and teach religion. The police chief of Tran Phu Commune in greater Hanoi, Dang Dinh Toi, had ordered the raid.

When Christians under the leadership of Pastor Dang Thi Dinh refused to sign a document admitting they were meeting illegally, an angry police officer shouted, “If I find you meeting here next Sunday, I will kill you all like I’d kill a dog!” Officials had previously refused to grant the church’s application for registration. Pastor Dinh and the national leader of the Ecclesia Revival denomination, Pastor Vo Xuan Loan, appealed to commune authorities the following day – again trying to register the church according to the Prime Minister’s 2005 Special Directive Concerning Protestants. The commune head angrily proclaimed, “There are absolutely no Christians in this commune!” and then shooed them away, church leaders reported.

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Larryk12309 said...

One of the signs there's a real enemy out there is real persecution.

Why would people get so upset about religion? Let people worship. Who does it hurt?

But there's a real devil out there who hates God's people.

Also notice it's when atheists rule that there is killing in the name of God. Not when Christians rule.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Vietnam in China and in Islamic countries where The Name of Jesus is hated.