Thursday, September 24, 2009

Becoming Like A Child

This article is by Richard Gunther who not only does all of the illustrations for Ray Comfort's blog, but has a fairly long list of articles he's written. You can check them out here at his web site.

By Richard Gunther

“Unless you are converted and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”. (Mat. 18:3)

Children are as precious to God as sparrows, lilies and hairs. They have QUALITIES which God wants us to have. The following is general only:

1. Transparency. This means freedom from duplicity, craftiness, deceit, double-dealing, and hypocrisy. Children are easy to ‘read’, that is, they wear their thoughts on their faces. They are not clever or sophisticated enough to hide their motives or plans. A good parent has look at his or her child’s face and tell immediately if the child is being honest or not.

2. Teachability. This means being trustful, genuine, sincere, and ready to believe the truth. Children are open to the truth. They tend to believe everything an adult tells them, because they don’t know any better. God wants us to be open to what He says, without questioning or criticising.

3. Humility. Children are pliable. They can be knocked back, forgive, and carry on very quickly. They are friendly, and willing to obey, in order to please someone they love.

4. Children have many wonderful qualities, which, if they were all expressed here, would fill several pages. As Words worth noted, children come into this world “trailing clouds of glory”. They bring, in their earliest years, the innocence and purity of their Creator, which is quickly marred and spoiled as they grow up. The child is the nearest thing we have as a representation of God, perhaps up to age five. But the sinful nature, which comes with every child, pulls their soul away from what is right, and draws them into what is wrong, encouraging them to feed on ignoble and immoral things . . . the innocence of the child is smothered, and the adult emerges, brain-washed by the mind-set, peer pressure and lifestyle of the world.

But God wants to wash away all the dirt of this world, and restore the image of the child in us. Christians do not need to commit intellectual suicide to be like children. It is the QUALITIES of childhood which God wants us to have. Innocence, love, joy, freedom, peace, living one day at a time, not worrying about bills or the future, resting in the security of God’s arms.

Was Jesus like a child? In every way yes, though he was also the perfect example of a mature Man. He knew all about sin, yet he never sinned. He knew every emotion, yet he never gave in to lust, temper, jealousy, envy, hate and so on. He had all wisdom available to him, yet he spoke with simple words, and told small, colourful stories. He drew people to himself because he was gentle and kind. This vast power was used not in violent acts, but in healing and restoring. He was the supreme Child.