Monday, September 28, 2009

Giveaway! Long Overdue

Win this book!

To enter: Please click the image of the book Tortured for Christ on the top of the left hand sidebar labled, "CLICK TO ENTER FREE BOOK DRAWING." As always there will also be a free goodie bag of stuff that I will send along with the book. Please put "Book Giveaway" in the subject heading of your email entry or your entry may end up in my spam folder. This drawing will remain open until I receive at least 25 entries or October 28th 2009. Whichever comes first. Hurry to be among the first!
*Note: Available to U.S. residents only.

From the back cover:

"Months of solitary confinement, years of peeriodic physical torture,
constand suffering from hunger and cold, the anguish of brainwashing and mental
cruelty--these are the expereiences of a Romanian pastor during his fourteen
years in Communist prisons.

His crime, like that of thousnds of others, was his fervent belief in Jesus
Christ and his public witness concerning that faith.

Meeting in homes, in basements, and in woods--sometimes daring to preach in
public on street corners--these faithfull lsould persisted in their Christian
witness knowing full well the ultimate cost of their actions.

This is their story--a classic account of courage, teneacious faith, and
unbelievable endu8rance. This history of the Underground Church reflects the
continuing struggle in many parts of the world today."