Thursday, September 3, 2009

God and Dog.....

This video was sent to me as a "very sweet dog video." I couldn't believe my eyes once I watched it. Here it is. Give it a look and then check out my comments below as to why I think it's blasphemous.

I don't want to be "that guy." You know, the one who points out all of the negative objectionable stuff, but this is pretty much just blasphemous.

To start with, the God of the bible can't be compared to anything or anyone. To compare him in nature and behavior to a dog is particularly offensive.

Honestly, I think artist is obviously talented and has the gift of musical creativity. She has a nice voice and plays the guitar very well. The melody itself is very sweet. But that is where it ends.

Our wonderful Savior loves us without a doubt. His love is all encompassing and beyond comprehension. Nowhere is this displayed more vividly than on the cross where he suffered for our sins. I suppose what makes this a real "dogs breakfast" is that this is exactly the kind of warm and fuzzy "Grampa in the sky" way that God is being peddled in many churches today. It tickles the ears of a lukewarm body that cannot bear to hear solid doctrine and theology. Instead of doing the heavy lifting of reading the bible and worshipping God in spirit and in truth, (see John 4:24)

All this accomplishes is to promote a low view of God when He should be worshipped as the Holy, Righteous Judge of the universe. His attributes are precious and perfect. Let's not sully his reputation by rolling over and accepting anything that is labeled "Christian."


Anonymous said...

I agree. I went to Youtube and posted a few comments that although she is talented, this cartoon failed to display anything about Jesus, sin, or repentance. After checking back an hour later I discovered that all my comments had been removed. Huh?

Anonymous said...

Follow-up....I just received a message from the person who posted this video. Basically condeming me for mentioning anything about the gospel in the comment area. They said "I do not want to start a theological debate here." that they "want to show the aspects of the love of god." Huh? I thought that Jesus was the ultimate display of love from god not a dog. Of course it all came apart when at the end of his message to me he said that he was a minister. Great eh? Twenty bucks says it will show up on "Tangle" (Godtube).

Robert Tewart said...

Considering the two comments below were left posted, you must have really struck a chord with the author.

"Hi Dogface,
I think I just fixed the page... sorry about that. Things with GoD and DoG have exploded and I am scrambling to keep up.... and that's a good thing." :-)Wendy

Here's another:

"i like my dog better than god" <3

Andrea Sipe said...

I should probably know better than to post a contrary post on your blog, but you know me. :D

I can completely see what you're saying and where you're coming from, yet I still have to disagree. I do not think this is blasphemous, because she is not saying that we should WORSHIP the dog, or that the dog is THE SAME as God, or IS God Himself. She is simply comparing the two - showing how they have similar attributes (no, she doesn't mention the THOUSANDS of ways they are different, but who has time??) And honestly, I think that's great! You are right, God has NO comparison! We have no words, or ideas, or images that could POSSIBLY describe Him. And yet we all still try. Each and every one of us. The Bible is full of comparisons, as that is all we have to describe God. Is it offensive to compare Him to a beautiful stone? The stone is dumb, cannot talk or think, or love, or save us. Yet, this is what John, the Beloved Disciple used (among many other things) to describe God. And I think a dog's love and faithfulness are a great way to tangibly show the love and faithfulness of God. :) Perhaps that is precisely the reason God created the dog. We can't really know for sure, can we?

Jennifer said...

For the life of me I can't remember when John compared Jesus to a stone =0 Can you give the reference?


Robert Tewart said...

Andrea, Please don’t ever hold back because your comments may disagree with my views. As long as conversations remain civil, it is certainly okay for Christians to contrary opinions. We don’t divide over non-essentials however, more and more, a subtle attack is being waged from the enemy to cheapen and punify who God is.

So, should the video divide us? No, but we may find ourselves looking at the thinking and theology that goes into such work and have a much bigger concern.

God has saved us from sin and lawlessness which leads to separation from God, sickness, perversion, disasters and consequences of all sorts ultimately ending in Hell. But for believers, He has saved us from all of that. Amazing!

“God and Dog” is sappy and typifies the modern method of bad Christian marketing which allows people to define for themselves what they want God to be; What they need God to be so He can deliver at just the right time. An unregenerate person can watch this and believe he is on solid ground with God and find himself in Hell before he awakes then next day.

Much of this is done in the name of contextualizing or (ugh) “relevance.” God has a plan from before the foundations of the earth that we have to line up with and it doesn’t include Him standing around wringing his hands awaiting our return from a tough day away from Him.

This video may feel good, but it is trite and shows a low view of our Holy and righteous God. The fact that it misrepresents Him is my basis for calling it blasphemy.

As time passes, it appears that he is making it increasingly obvious to mankind that it’s time to get serious. Homosexuality, abortion, same sex marriage, and blatant rebellion to the things of God are bringing sure judgment. It is time to put off the methods of the world and seek Him in Spirit and in truth.

As for your reference to Jesus and the beautiful stone, I must admit, I'm lost there. In fact, I can't even find the reference.