Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As It Is Written...

Thanks to Tony Miano for this great article! Later this week I will post some of the resources that I've come across to help with scripture memorization.

Memorizing Scripture

Like many of my Christian brethren, I struggle for consistency when it comes to Scripture memorization. I have been blessed to memorize a good number of verses and passages over the years; but I wonder how much more of God's Word I could have committed to memory over the last 21 years if I had more consistency in this important spiritual discipline.

The more I am engaged in heralding the gospel, whether preaching in the open-air or during one-to-one conversations, the more I come to realize how vitally important it is to cite the Word of God "as it is written," and the more convicted I become to try once again to consistently memorize Scripture.

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