Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Open Air Preaching: After a Gay Pride Parade

Here is some footage of Rob-roy Nelson preaching open air in Tucson after a gay pride parade. This dear brother brings the power of God's Word in his mature understanding of it rather than in his volume and delivery (which is pretty low key compared to some of us). Way to go Rob-roy!

Please pray for those that heard the Gospel and that God is glorified by the message that was delivered.

**Warning: There is some cursing and blasphemy from hecklers in this video.**


Paul Latour said...

How refreshing!

Amazing as well is Rob-roy's ability to maintain his composure and preach as though nothing was going on around him when, indeed, he had cause for concern. I would find that extremely difficult as I am easily distracted.

But we do give credit to the Spirit of God in us, do we not? This was a fine example of the Spirit of God's presence with the street preacher giving him the where-with-all to preach and protect him at the same time.

God so good. Thanks for the post.