Thursday, October 22, 2009

Peanut Butter Salvation

If you listen to Wretched Radio on Family Net radio, you may have heard the report of youth pastors doing some pretty bizarre things to get the attention of their congregants You can read the full article here as reported by Susan Cooper Eastman of Folio Weekly.

The best answer head youth pastor John Wyatt could give for these disgusting acts was the following:

“Unfortunately, somebody was offended,and we apologized right away,” says
PastorWyatt. “But the other side of that is, there was a whole bunch of kids who
gave their life to Christ that night. Ultimately, our goal is to get people into
church and into a relationship with Jesus.”

My question to Pastor Wyatt

Why does it sound like you are taking credit for anyone getting saved? Or at the very least, why do you think that the seemingly positive outcome is argument enough to encourage such a low view of the holiness of God. Do you really think that smearing peanut butter on a youth pastor's armpits and then asking minors to lick it off is more powerfull than a biblically sound presentation of the gospel? Only God and the individuals know and only time will ultimately tell if anyone was truly saved. If so pastor Wyatt, it was not because of your blasphemous antics but in spite of them.


Paul Latour said...

Amen! Well put, Robert.