Friday, November 20, 2009

The Amazing Evidence of the Bible

Many times in evangelism outings, we are quizzed on the evidence for God and the bible. Most of the time, this is used as a smoke screen for unbelief and a hardened heart. It's pretty common on a college and university campuses to hear things like "The bible has been translated many times, and things have been left out and added."

Our goal is to make sure that they have heard the Gospel before we get too far into intellectual discussions. This ensures that we accomplish the commission set before us, and that we don't waste time in fruitless debate. Once we have appealed to the conscience that God has given them, we are happy to defend our faith as best we can. Tools like this article help us to do just that.


Ron said...

Yes Yes Yes
comission first then maybe debate. Never the other way around, never, never, never. I would rather tell my neighbor about the danger of eternal life in hell, then offer to help them with their lawn. Bring the Gospel first then the peach pie.