Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Knock On The Door Is Always An Opportunity

This is a recent entry from Tony Miano's blog. The interesting thing is that around the same time, I had a young man named Terrell from Chicago come to my door. Their scripts were almost identical. Right down to him calling me "Mr. Robert."

This is a good example of why to have a recording device handy for evangelism encounters. Check your state laws for the legalities. Much like California, Arizona has a"one party consent law," which means that a recording of a conversation can be made so long as at least one person in the conversation (and it can be the person making the recording) knows that a recording is being made.

Michael, a young man from the mean streets of North St. Louis, knocked on my door today. A former gang member who was now trying to right his moral ship, was out trying to sell magazine subscriptions. He didn't make a sale. He received something much more important.

If for some reason the player doesn't work on your computer, click here to listen to my conversation with Michael.