Thursday, November 19, 2009

Origin Into The Schools--Local Update

Our local team here in the Phoenix area distributed 2,000 copies of this special edition of Origin of Species to students at Arizona State University campus in about two hours. There were around twenty of us and we worked in pairs. Even so, it seemed a daunting task for our team to give away so many books

Most were surprised and delighted to get something free. But several who started reading came back to return their books.

Overall, the mission as it was planned, emerged a success. Pictures to come soon!


Joe A. said...

I'm surprised several turned back and returned their books. Oh, no... a foreword sharing an brief alternative view! We can't have that, can we?

What you guys did out there was awesome, though.

Tim and Anna Molter said...

Great to see more brothers and sisters out there today. May God bless you guys!

Rich Bradford said...

Well done. May you be blessed for all your work.

Robert Tewart said...

Thanks for your comments Rich!