Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why Read The Puritans Today?

The God we worship and adore must be the God who has revealed Himself in the bible and in His Son Jesus Christ. Approaching God casually will not do. Our pastors and churches are supposed to be there to guide us in our worship and growth, but sadly, it is far more common for churches to model themselves after the culture in the name of "relevance."

The puritans had a very different view of God in all His majesty, holiness and sovereignty. Reading their works is both a comfort and blessing, ushering us into a revererant mindset seemingly long lost. May we seek to worship Him in spirit and in truth giving full honor to his Lordship.

Soli Deo Gloria!

by Don Kistler

Soli Deo Gloria just reached a milestone for us: we sold our 200,000th volume in January. And I dare say few would have thought that you could make it in publishing selling 300 year old religious books by the Puritans! There are several reasons, I believe, for the resurgence in interest in the Puritans and their writings. One is that people are getting tired of religion offering things it can't deliver. All kinds of promises are being made, but people come out of self-interest and when these things don't come true, they are disappointed. I think they are also tired of shallow, superficial religion.

Most people don't worship God because the God most people hear about really isn't worth worshipping. He is not the "high and lofty one," He is not the "Lord God Omnipotent Who Reigneth Forever and Ever." He is just "my friend," and familiarity surely breeds contempt!

The Puritans, people are finding men who were passionately obsessed with the knowledge of God. I have listed several thing that I think are reasons why we should read the Puritans today, and every one of those reason is directly derived from the Puritans view of God and Scripture.

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