Sunday, December 13, 2009

500th Post

Today's "Watchmen on the Wall" post marked our 500th here at

A heartfelt thank you goes out to those of you who read this blog and who have taken the time to contribute and or send us encouraging emails and comments. Even if you're comments challenge or are contrary to our position, they help us to look more closely at what we believe and why.

Our goal is to make different than other Christian sites by posting a wide variety of articles, blogs and personal experiences. Whether it be Evangelism (the heart of this blog), post modern philosophy, Atheism, news in the church or even humor, you will find it here. We seek to glorify God by informing and educating believers as well as challenging seekers and skeptics with the truth of the bible and ultimately, The Gospel.

If you do not already subscribe, please consider doing so.

Lastly, pleaese continue to pray that we are faithful in sharing the gospel clearly and biblically--the main reason this blog exists.



Paul Latour said...

Happy 500th Birthday, Robert!!

Oh, wait...oh...this is the 500th post for this blogsite. Sorry about that.

Not sorry that this site exists, however. It seems to be all that you want it to be and it is deeply appreciated.

Praise God! Press on! 501 and more. Looking forward. Amen!

Dale in TX said...


Robert Tewart said...

Thank you for your kind words!