Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How do we understand the relationship between the Bible and modern science?

We've received a couple of comments recently pertaining to the Bible and modern Science. Since these folks seem to be visiting this blog lately, I've decided to provide some more fodder! Here is a great response from John MacArthur to the so-called "Starlight Problem."

Click here to listen to the audio.


ExPatMatt said...

Seeing as how you don't seem too interested in actually replying to comments regarding science, I'm wondering;

a) why do you bother posting about it in the first place? and

b) why should I care what you think about it?

So, no, I won't be listening to the audio, until you address the comments raised in the bird speciation post.


Whateverman said...

I have a hard time squaring the notion of a Just, Truthful and benevolent God with one who created all of the natural processes we see with the guy who created a full mature universe that gives the impression of it being billions of years old.

Why would he do this? Why should he be trying to fool us into believing things that aren't true?

If this is how he acts, how can the Christian world view account for the truth of its presuppositions? God is apparently willing to create illusions - it stands to reason that he didn't do it just once.

Is it not more plausible that, instead of popping an entire mature universe into existence, the Bible was never meant to be read literally?

Robert Tewart said...

ExPattMatt, All the names and dinosour terminolgy used in the comment serves only to distort and complicate the point of the post. I am not inclined to go and look up a bunch of evolutionary vocabulary in order to respond to what was posted by Whateverman.

He's assembling a puzzle by banging the pieces together.

Whateverman said...

You say *I* am the one trying to make disparate pieces fit together into a coherent image? Is this really what you're saying?

Please answer the following question: if God is perfect and just, he can not lie. Why would he then create a universe that appears to be billions of years old?

Is that not building deception right into his creation?

Robert Tewart said...

Whateverman. Listen to the audio by John MacArthur and you'll get a good explanation for your question.

Whateverman said...

I did listen to it, Robert. All he did was explain the method by which an apparently old universe might actually be 6-7 thousand years old.

As I recall, he did not address the topic of deception.

Again, since I'm so good at putting unmatched puzzle pieces together, how can God be the ultimate good while embedding a lie within his creation?

Robert Tewart said...

For the same reason God created Adam a fully formed adult man. It suited His purposes. That is the ultimate issue here. We demand that God needs to explain Himself to us. He does not.

Your presupposition is that millions or billions of years are needed for what we see today and that somehow because God doesn't fit into your image, He is a liar.

What we think is irrelevant. What is true is very relevent.