Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Encouragement From Home Base

Today, Clarke and I were joined not only by his wife and kids, but by Pastor and Mrs. Remington (the two on the right!) What an encouragement it was to have them join us at the college.

We had several opportunities to share the Gospel with passing students as well as handing out many tracts. Please pray for the young men and women we encountered today.

Chandler/Gilbert Community College has proven to be an excellent fishing hole, however we had a close call today with almost being denied access to the campus. Thankfully, the folks in the student services office found the email confirming our time there. Whew-- Thank you Lord!

Please pray that God would continue to bless our efforts there and that we would stay focused in seeking to glorify Him alone.


Marcus said...

Some people were giving away Gideon NKJV New Testaments at CGCC today as well.

Robert Tewart said...

Yeah. I think that there's a Baptist group that is there on Tuesdays. If I'm not mistaken, they may be students sponsored by an on campus Christian club.