Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forced Recantations of Faith Continue

I usually don't have any commentary to add to these stories of our persecuted brothers and sisters beyond a call to remember them in our prayers. The pain speaks for itself. But something about this brother (and countless others for sure) that are forced to recant and then brutally beaten anyway breaks my heart. What humility to these dear ones and what evil that exists in the hearts of those who hate God. Please pray for these and all of our persecuted bretheren.

New Christians in northwest violently compelled to return to ancestor worship.

A Vietnamese man violently forced to recant his fledgling Christian faith faces pressure from authorities and clansmen to prove his return to traditional Hmong belief by sacrificing to ancestors next month.

Sung Cua Po, who embraced Christianity in November, received some 70 blows to his head and back after local officials in northwest Vietnam’s Dien Bien Province arrested him on Dec. 1, 2009, according to documents obtained by Compass. His wife, Hang thi Va, was also beaten. They live in Ho Co village.

Dien Bien Dong District and Na Son Commune police and soldiers led by policeman Hang A Senh took the Christian couple to the Na Son Commune People’s Committee office after police earlier incited local residents to abuse and stone them and other Christian families. After Po and his wife were beaten at 1 a.m. that night, he was fined 8 million dong (US$430) and a pig of at least 16 kilos. His cell phone and motorbike were confiscated, according to the documents.

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