Monday, February 22, 2010

Ya Know, Blasphemy Is Never Funny...

...Especially when a church does it.

I came across this on Tony Miano's blog. What it brings to mind is that there is so much in our world today that can easily qualify as blasphemy. Even a church sign. I'm sure it wasn't their intention to offend anyone, but anytime the name, an attribute or in this case His hanging on the cross, is made small or trite it is safe to say that it is blasphemy.

Let's be sensitive to anything at all that has to do with our Savior and hold it in the highest of honor and holiness.

My brother-in-law spent some time with me and Mahria this evening. The fellowship was good. The only bad moment of the evening came when Ian told us about the street sign in front of First Presbyterian Church of Newhall.

I had to see it with my own eyes; and I couldn't wait until tomorrow. So, I drove to the church in the rain to take this picture.

How sad that a church, any church, would try to appear "relevant" to its community by making light of the propitiation, the vicarious atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, this is what the person and work of Jesus Christ has become to many churches in the United States--a punch line to a cheap joke; a putred pun to lure the lost into the doors of the church; an effort to show a lost and dying world that hates Jesus that some churches don't take Jesus all that seriously either.

To First Presbyterian Church of Newhall: Ya know, blasphemy is never funny.