Sunday, March 21, 2010

Arrested...In Scottland

Here's another story of persecution making it's way into the west. While is it nothing compared to the suffering thousands of our persecuted brothers and sisters are going through around the world, how long will it be before we are asked to make the kind of choice Shawn did or perhaps worse? This photo shows Shawn and his evangelism team leaving the Glasgow high court.

Here is an update from Shawn's blog:

Yesterday (March 18th) I was arrested while preaching the Gospel in downtown Glasgow Scotland. I spent a horrible night in jail and all I can say is that it was just miserable. Too many details from this specific incident occured for me to list here. I will say however that what it came down to was that two people were supposedly offended when I said that homosexuality is a sin against Jesus, therefore the arrest. I was given two options:

1- plead guilty to some really trumped up charges and possibly pay a small fine of hopefully only 50 pounds or so and go home by Monday asa planned or

2- plead not guilty and have to spend up to 8 weks waiting for the trial NOT being allowed to leave the country with no guarentee of winning the case.

I chose option number one. Big bummer though. The fine was 1000 pounds. Thats 1600 US dollars. The Christian men I am here with along with ten or so Christians from the area that we have never met who heard about this crazy arrest and false charges all pitched in and paid the fine for us!

So thank you for your prayers and please know how dearly we love you all. I will keep you posted soon with video and photos from this outreach when I return, Lord willing. May the Lord bless you.

Shawn and family