Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clear As Mud

About once a year or so, I re-post this audio. I still have yet to make sense of it. When I made this call, I was sitting in my car burning time waiting for my oldest daughter to finish up with her teen bible study. I simply left my recorder running while I had my phone on speaker mode. Not to high tech, but the sound actually came out pretty good.

While listening to a popular Christian radio station, I heard a promotion for a number to call if you needed to learn more about a "relationship with Jesus Christ." Since this is exactly what StreetFishing is about, I was interested in how they would present me with the gospel. I wasn't prepared for what I was about to hear though. As a believer, this phone call left me perplexed. It didn't even closely resemble any gospel presentation I've ever heard. I wonder what the unbleliever has experienced.

The goal of this ministry is to encourage and equip others to go and share the gospel plainly and biblically. Much of what we hear today is a product of modern methods that are targeted at a specific audience and that are seeker sensitive rather than biblically sound. The peson on this call however didn't even use anything remotely seeker sensitive. He didn't make sense at all in my opinion. Let me know what you think. Listen here as I call in to this national phone-in line.


Pzeppy said...

This is very sad. What a blown opportunity to share the true Gospel. I don't think even he knew where he was going with that conversation.

Chris Jones said...


How scary is it that this man could have been helping people learn more about having a relationship with Jesus! Thanks for reposting this!

Why would a person go on and on about how Jesus is visible / invisible?

And then you continually tried at one point to ask a question, and he kept talking. He should be wanting the caller to talk - to find out what they know and make sure they know what they *need* to know.

You said "you talked about eyes and horns and stuff and that part doesn't quite make sense to me." And he replies with "now back up... what about living in the flesh and bone?" What kind of answer to a clear question is that?

Then he ended with an encouragement to read the Gospels, and he just hung up on you! Terrible!

You said it was an unclear Gospel presentation? It wasn't a Gospel presentation at all!

Did you ever call back and try again? :)


Robert Tewart said...

No I didn't Chris. In retrospect, perhaps I should have. I do remember feeling funny and not being sure If I was calling under false pretenses. If you email me at, I will give you the number I called. I'm not sure if I should publish it here.

Thanks for your comments!

Justin Bond said...

I felt like i would not know where to go from there. It was very unclear with no repentance and trust. What about being born again? Very unclear. We must understand that we cannot change the gospel for it is not ours to change. We must be clear with scripture and walk people through it no matter how long it takes for them to understand it. Our prayers is to preach the gospel faithfully and clearly. Thanks for the post.

Buddy King said...

Wow, are you sure this wasn't some sort of cult? It certainly wasn't Christian.

Dave in AZ said...

Very scary to think that there are people like this giving advice and counsel. Maybe someone should call the number again and share the true gospel with this person. Concerned in AZ, Dave.