Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Devoted To What?

Sam Guzman is a friend and brother in The Lord who has been a great resource in helping us here at develop and grow our site. I am truly greatful to Sam and his willingness to offer his time and talents. Please check out his web site, Reformata regularly. It provides a wealth of daily articles from various contributors and is a great source of Church news. Sam is also a skilled web designer. You can check out his work here. Awhile back, I approached Sam with writing an original short article for us. He kindly agreed and here it is!

Most Christians would agree that spending time in God's Word is an important part of the Christian life. Yet, how and why we read the Bible is just as important as how often we read it. I've heard many preachers and evangelists talk about personal devotions as if it were just a matter of learning some rules and principals for living. They consistently emphasize that we need to find something to apply to our lives. If you can't find something to apply, they say, your devotions are worthless.

The problem with this attitude is it turns the Bible into a self-help book or a book about clean, moral living. This inevitably leads to moralism or legalism--both of which make one feel spiritual but miss the point. Of course God has things to say about what we do, but he has far more to say about who we are and what we love.

The point is, the Bible is not a legal code, and we shouldn't approach it like one. The Bible is ultimately the revelation of a person. It's a story, and Christ is the main character. His victory is the plot. His glory is the point. Our worship is the product.

So when you approach the Bible, don't come to get a few rules for the day. Come seeking to become fascinated with Christ. Come to learn about Christ the Creator, Christ the Crucified, Christ the Conqueror, Christ the King, Christ the Redeemer, Christ the Divine Lover. Come to learn about him. He is far more interesting than you think.

When you are caught up with Christ, you will find yourself becoming like him. The more you know, admire, and love him, the more you will find you are changing not just in your behavior, but in your inner most being. You will find you are being transformed from glory to glory. You are becoming Christlike. It's inevitable because we become what we love.