Thursday, April 1, 2010

John Piper Shocker

I'm sure this is causing quite a stir in reformed circles. I can only imagine what John Piper may have in mind with all of this.


Scott said...

what makes any of us tick?

If it ain't God's word it is vain, and if it is another Jesus, another spirit, and another gospel, we should beware.

FOR SURE: take heed

It is God's wisdom to make it impossible to know him by man's wisdom.

rrn said...

Found this on another blog in regard the Piper / Warren invite.

"When we collaborate with unbelievers in ministry, our witness for God is compromised, and that's why it is wrong to do so. Similarly, when we collaborate with compromisers in ministry instead of reproving them, we are sharing in their sins. Our witness for God is sullied, as we are then associated with the heretics they work with. Furthermore, by not rebuking them for their sins, we actually hate them rather than love these compromisers (Prov. 27:5-6)."

The whole post is at

rrn said...

This video is also worth a view.

Why is it that in 30 years we do not hear what Warren believes comming from his pulpit or media interviews? But we hear it second hand as retold by John Piper? The conference is not the place to have someone explain themselves. That should be done before the conference not only to Piper but to the rest of us because Warren is a public and published pastor who has an existing and established record of being hostile to the gospel.

This is really Warren 101. Reformed circles are largely an untapped demographic for his material. Pragmatically it makes sense for him to agree with and make friends and gain a profile with established Reformed leaders and a platform to broaden the market share. This is how error spreads. Not how it stops.