Saturday, April 10, 2010

Special Report: Gao Zhisheng Hopes to Reunite with His Family

BEIJING--Gao Zhisheng told reporters from the Associated Press on April 7 that he would cease his legal activism in the hopes of reuniting with his family in the future. The reporters captured the first live images of Gao in their discussion, since his arrest in February 2009 (See the AP Report). While international supporters have expressed concern in seeing such a strong figure agree to back down from his position, ChinaAid President Bob Fu says Gao's decision is understandable and one of strength.

"Gao Zhisheng is a man of integrity and heart. Facing such enormous pressure and knowing that his family needs him, he has chosen to fulfill his duty as a father to his children, and husband to his wife. I understand that decision. He has faced a long and painful separation, and it is a tragedy that he still cannot see his family."

With regard to Gao's comments during the meeting with AP reporters, Mr. Fu acknowledges Gao's words are actually an encouragement to his supporters and fellow Chinese lawyers. "Gao Zhisheng is a man of faith. In his interview, he spoke of others who willing to fight for truth and justice regardless of his personal fate. His testimony is an encouragement to those who respect and admire his courageous work."
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