Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why Does God Do The Things That He Does

by Rick Appleton

Why does God do the things that He does? In every activity, every thought , and every desire, God has one chief, overarching motive. This supreme purpose includes and directs all of His other intentions. This one ambition is nothing less than His own glory. Here are some examples:

He created us for His own glory (Isaiah 43:6-7). He rescued Israel from Egypt for His own glory (Psalm 106:7-8). He raised up Pharaoh for His own glory (Romans 9:17). He defeated Pharaoh for His own glory (Exodus 14:4). He spared Israel in the wilderness for His own glory (Ezekiel 20:14). He did God not reject His people when they rejected Him as King for His own glory (1 Samuel 12:20-22). He restored Israel after the exile for His own glory (Ezekiel 36: 22-2, 32). He sent His Son to suffer and die on the cross for His own glory (John 12:27-28, 17:1). He sent His Holy Spirit sent into the world for His own glory (John 16:14). He forgives our sins for His own glory (Isaiah 43:25). He answers our prayers for His own glory (John 14:13). He is coming again for His own glory (2 Thessalonians 1:9-10).

The list could go on forever. Indeed it does go on forever, encompassing all of His mighty acts throughout eternity. God does all things for His own glory (Romans 11:36) and if you love Him, this is good for you (8:28)!

God’s glory is the greatest possible goal. There is nothing more valuable. If God valued any other thing more than His own glory, He would be an idolater. If there is a greater end than God’s glory, we should find that being and worship it. But as it is, God’s glory is the most worthy, most certain thing that is, ever was, and ever will be. Therefore, let us seek after His glory in all things, at all times, with all that we have.