Sunday, May 9, 2010

PRAYER: Iraq: Christian students targetted in bomb attacks


Greetings in the name of Jesus

Christians in Iraq have requested our prayers following an attack on Christian university students travelling in a convoy of buses near Mosul. On Sunday morning, 2nd May, two bombs exploded near three of the buses. One appears to have been a roadside bomb, the second a suicide car bomb attack. One student was killed, and more than eighty injured, three of whom are reported to be in a critical condition.

Of more than 20 buses travelling to Mosul on Sunday, the three carrying students from Christian areas were targetted. Many of the students’ families are understood to have left Mosul due to violence against Christians. However, the students remain enrolled at university in Mosul.

Fides, a Catholic news agency, quotes a senior priest, Father Basha Warda, as saying, “The attack has raised many questions. First of all it happened along a road set between two security force control posts. As an Iraqi citizen I ask myself, we all ask ourselves, how can such a thing happen? How do our security forces work? As citizens we demand an inquiry and clear answers”.

Sectarian tensions have risen in several parts of the country due to the delays in forming a new government after the parliamentary election held on 7th March.

Iraqi Christians request our prayers that:
  1. The bereaved family will know the comfort of Jesus
  2. The injured and traumatised will know the healing presence and peace of Jesus
  3. The perpetrators will know the Spirit’s conviction of their sin, and be drawn to the Father’s forgiveness and eternal life through the death of the Son
  4. Officials in Mosul and elsewhere will take effective action to provide security for Christians and other minorities