Monday, June 28, 2010

Go Stand Speak: 20 Plus Street Preachers Inspire You "Go Now" For His Glorious Gospel.

New inspirational promo clip for veteran and aspiring street preachers alike. This video features clips from many (over 20 in this clip) of the street preachers featured in the new film, "Go. Stand. Speak: The Forgotten Power of the Public Proclamation of the Gospel." See more at

About the film: "Go Stand Speak" delves into the doctrine of public preaching with experts such as Dr. George Grant, Paul Washer, Greg Gordon, Dr. Peter Hammond, Pastor John Reuther, Rusty Lee Thomas, David Legge, Ray Comfort, Stuart Migdon, Rob Parker, Michael Marcavage, Jeff Rose, Shawn Holes, Sean Morris and other Christian leaders and uncovers the big question: is this quiet, new move of public preaching something that is simply a trend, or is it again the beginning of a move of God where He is simply doing what He always has done...calling His ministers to go and preach His message of repentance and faith where the people gather in the public, regardless of culture, current trends, or the popularity of the message and method?

The Apologetics Group and Go, Stand, Speak Ministries presents this Brand New DVD about the forgotten power of public preaching. See more previews at