Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To Smart For My Own Good!

Here's a great sound bite from Wretched Radio with Todd Friel. This was aired on their weekly "Witness Wednesday" program recorded at Georgia Tech where Todd wanders around engaging students in one on one evangelism.

What makes this encounter particularly interesting is that it is a good example of how not to engage a person such as the young man Todd is speaking to here (he concedes as much at the end of the interview.)

The conversation stayed for the most part in the area of intellect and apologetics too long where debate reigns instead of the probing of the conscience. I probably would not have done nearly as well as Todd with the young man's come backs and consequently, the encounter would likely have ended prematurely with the student never having heard the Gospel.

I learned a long time ago that getting the Gospel out as early as possible in the conversation and not being diverted until I've done so assures me that the seed has been planted even if my apologetic arguments have failed miserably.