Thursday, July 8, 2010

Arts Indispensable to Evangelism and Discipleship, Says Professor

Or maybe just the good ol' Gospel will do....See Romans 1:16.  But Here's the article anyway.

The use of arts will greatly impact the work of evangelism and discipleship, said an Arlington, Texas, professor.

Stan Moore noted that a large majority of students in many of his seminary classes came to faith through music.

This is because “the arts speak to the whole person – intellectually, emotionally, physically and of course spiritually reaching into the very depths of our mind sand bodies and spirits,” he said.

Professor Moore was speaking at the Global Consultation on Music and Missions event in Singapore. He co-founded the consultation and also currently serves as senior fellow and professor of Church Music and Worship at the B. H. Carroll Theological Institute.

The event draws music missionaries worldwide to learn from one another.

The arts, he said, is as an “indispensable means to reach those who do not know Christ and to teach and disciple those who do know Him."

Christian artists have a responsibility to “create or adapt artistic expressions that adequately and embody the Christian message within a given culture,” he highlighted.

Already Christians are called to “use all possible and worthy means to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all peoples,” Moore noted. This includes every talent, gift and ability Christians have.

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