Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Calvinism and Evangelism

by Bill Welzien

Many people think that "Calvinist evangelist" is an oxymoron. What do you think? Can someone be seriously Calvinistic and at the same time seriously evangelistic? Does a belief in the absolute sovereignty of God take the wind out of the sails of evangelism?
We live in a day of gross ignorance with regard to sound theology. We should continually yearn for sound (wholesome, healthy) doctrine (1 Pet. 2:2; 2 Pet. 3:18). As we Christians learn and respond rightly to sound doctrine, we begin to think correctly, and our lives begin to demonstrate the resulting godly fruit. So how should a belief in Calvinism affect our belief in evangelism?


Torey said...

"We live in a day of gross ignorance with regard to sound theology."I can completely relate to that quote from personal experience.

Robert Tewart said...

Thanks for your comments Torey. I'm still figuring my exact place in reformed theology, but in any case, Calvinist, reformed, whatever, we are to preach the Word and share the Gospel.