Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day Age Theory

Seems like the same old arguments come up again and again.  So for the benefit of those that are still banking on a day/age explanation to marry Biblical creation and Darwinistic evolution, here's a great article from Christiananswers.net

God uses a relatively large amount of space in Genesis 1 to make it very clear that He created the universe in six days. There is no mention of billions-of-years or any great period of time. However, many people still wonder whether or not the modern scientific belief that the earth and universe have existed for billions of years can be harmonized with a literal interpretation of the Bible.
Most Christians have heard the argument that the word “day” in Genesis does not mean a literal 24 hour type day, but rather that the “days” represent 6 great ages of time. This is often referred to as the day-age theory. Many people have wondered whether this argument is valid. It is true, after all, that the Hebrew word for day (yom) can have several different meanings, depending upon its context. However, it is our opinion that when all the facts are gathered, it is abundantly clear that God communicated with precision that all creation took place during the time period of six, normal, 24-hour type days.

  • The Hebrew word for day (yom) can have several different meanings. The meaning is always clear when read in context.

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Anonymous said...

I'm neither a Day-Age person, nor a YEC (Young Earth Creationist). Since my area of expertise is in the Bible and not science, my arguments against the YEC interpretation are rooted in the Scriptures themselves.

I find the YEC view problematic. For example, what is the light that was created in day one?

The age of the earth is a separate question from evolution. Geologists reached a broad consensus that the earth had to be much, much older than just a few thousand years old. They came to this conclusion decades before there even was a theory of evolution.


Robert Tewart said...

This came in an email from Russ Miller of Creationministries.org.

Here’s hoping Theoplius is a wise man (Proverbs 9:8).

I refer to YEC’s as “Bible Believers” and know of no biblical argument against such. Jesus Himself said God made man since the beginning (Mark 10:6, Matthew 19:4).

What was the light created on day one? It was light, most likely provided by God Himself just as He will provide light for the new earth to come (Rev 21:22-25).

The biblical position is God’s perfect creation was corrupted by Adam’s original sin (that allowed death to enter) which separated us from God, requiring we be reunited with Him. This is the foundation for the Gospel and is laid down in Genesis 1 and 3 with the first promise of our coming Redeemer, born of a virgin, given in Genesis 3:15.

Old earth beliefs are based on the belief earth’s sedimentary layers formed over long ages of time placing death before sin and undermining the authority of God’s Word. Since the layers were laid down by water the global flood erodes old-earth beliefs and 2 Peter 3:3-6 foretells in the last days scoffers will deny God made the heavens mature (couldn’t get light here) and the global flood. I cover this with overwhelming evidences of the global flood in “An Old Earth or a Global Flood.”

Evolution has been around nearly as long as man. Modern old-earth beliefs began about 200 years ago and opened the door for Darwinism. Jesus said to tell good from bad by the fruit and the evil fruit coming from old-earth beliefs is tremendous. I cover this in “The Evil Fruit of Darwinism.”

Day-Age, Theistic Evolution, Progressive Creation, Gap-Theory, etc. are each non-biblical beliefs made up to force “millions of years” into God’s inspired Word. Each undermines the authority of God’s Word. I suggest we place our faith in God’s Word. God bless, Russ