Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mark Driscoll: How Dare You

Lots of folks have their opinions about Mark Driscoll. That he's a bit of a potty mouth or too edgy in this way or that. Even Phil Johnson called him out in his message at the 2009 Shepherd's conference.

I like him. Here's one reason why. See Driscoll as never before in the video below.

Caution: One "mild" use of profanity at 1:27 into the video.


dede said...

ya know something, initially i thought that his shouting was wrong but, instantly i thought of my earthly dad. although my dad didn't really do that alot, when he did, i knew he meant it.

all i know, is if God is using this pastor to draw men to Jesus Christ, then so be it. in the case of the sleeping church, maybe someone shouting, as pastor mark does, it may wake up those in deep slumber.

my prayer is that this pastor remains and refers to the Living Word. thanks for posting.

Buddy King said...

Hey Robert,

I am at work and can't watch this now, but I had to chuckle at the irony of your post, stating you like him, but then having to give a warning of mild profanity :-)

Buddy King said...

Hi Robert,

Please forgive me for the previous post.


Robert Tewart said...

No worries Buddy. I didn't give it a second thought except to laugh at my wording. Actually it was funny. Thanks for paying attention!

Rob. Oh, so what do you think of the video??