Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Witnessing to Muslims

The Imam's Daughter

By Mark Earley  Christian Post Guest Columnist

All too often, Christians associate only with other Christians. If they share their life in Jesus at all, they tend to do so with the link-minded.

But a new book reveals how important it is to reach out in love to those we may perceive as different from us, or even feel uncomfortable with, including Muslims.

In her new book, titled The Imam’s Daughter, Hannah describes her upbringing in the north of England in a Muslim neighborhood. Like all Muslim children, Hannah was taught that she must submit to Allah’s will.

But Hannah hid a terrible secret from her school friends: Her father-the respected local imam-was sexually abusing her. He told Hannah she was dirty and worthless, that she’d never be good enough for Allah. Hannah longed to run away, but the only people she knew well were fellow Muslims who would return her to her father. A suicidal Hannah wondered, why was life so dark and abusive?

When Hannah was 16, she began attending Sixth Form College. On her first day, she met Mrs. Jones, the school counselor. Mrs. Jones began to gently share Jesus with Hannah, but Hannah refused to believe that God was anyone but a cruel, avenging being who laughed at her misfortune.

And yet, it was Mrs. Jones whom Hannah turned to when she discovered a frightening secret: Her father was planning to take her back to Pakistan to marry her off to a cousin.

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