Monday, August 30, 2010

Evangelical Megachurch Pastor Defends Support for Glenn Beck

Having posted this past Friday, this event has already taken place.

Around 2,000 ministers and religious leaders are expected to attend Glenn Beck’s “Divine Destiny” event Friday night ahead of the television and radio personality's more publicized “Restoring Honor” rally on Saturday.

Beck will hold Friday’s faith-based event at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington to rally conservatives of different faiths around their shared values, principles and strong belief that faith can play an essential role in reuniting the country.

“Whether we care to believe it or not, our country is in our danger’s hour,” says Beck. ”And there’s only one answer.”

For the event, Beck spent the past year trying to reach out to some of the biggest names in faith – an effort he says “has been extraordinarily difficult because of my faith and because of who I am.”

Beck, a Mormon who had been raised in a Catholic home, has become increasingly popular among social conservatives for his political commentaries but has not been so easily embraced by Christian theological conservatives who regard Mormonism as heresy or, at best, non-Christian.

Before deciding to stand by Beck, evangelical megachurch pastor Jim Garlow said he had to do a lot sorting and watched Beck as closely as he could.

“I have listened and watched very carefully regarding clues to Glenn’s spiritual condition,” said the lead pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in La Mesa, Calif.

“I have interviewed several people who have been with him and have talked very specifically with him regarding his own personal salvation,” he added.

And according to Garlow, Beck has said “unequivocally” that that he relies on the atonement of Jesus on the cross for forgiveness for his sins.

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