Monday, October 18, 2010

Not everyone is willing to talk to us. This student though polite, declined to talk to Shon. It happens pretty often. But even the reluctant will many times end up having a discussion with us.
Muhammed and his friends (not pictured here) were also reluctant but after some coaxing, were willing to discuss eternal matters with me. Notice how flip they are at first. As the conversation went on, Muhammed began handling his cigarette a lot and looking kind of nervous. He ended up stopping the conversation pretty abruptly, but not before I got to share most of the Gospel with him. Hopefuly he was being convicted. Ultimately only God knows. I'm sure we gave him something to think about. Chances are we will run into him again since we're planning to spend some more time on campus when classes start up again. Listen here as I share the Gospel with Muhammed and his friends.
Soli Deo Gloria


Michael Gormley said...

John Calvin was never accepted by the Catholic Church in any sense, except as another sinner needing redemption.

His leading people into heresy and away from the Body of Christ has been one of the major heartaches for all good Catholic saints who have worked so hard through the centuries to repair the damage he has done to innumerable souls in cutting them off from Divine Grace through severance from the Church.

One saint in particular, St. Francis de Sales spent his life as a missionary, and subsequently as bishop of Geneva trying to reconvert (with great success) those who had been led astray.

The Jesuits were founded, as a religious order, specifically to help combat the heresy of Protestantism.